Valentine Gibson

Has our quest for our family history turned into how many names and dates you can add to fatten up your tree, whether they are your family or not?

There are over three dozen trees at that have J William Gibson of Pike County, Kentucky as a son of Valentine Gibson and wife, Frances Garrett, of Stokes County, N.C., as well as Ezekiel of Floyd County, Ky. I can find no evidence either of these men are descendants of Valentine and no one has yet been able to provide any evidence, not even circumstantial.

If you were a descendant of Valentine Gibson would you not want to know WHY William and Ezekiel Gibson of Kentucky are in his tree as descendants? Wouldn’t it be natural to want to know what documents they have, or even the circumstantial evidence so you could research this possibility? Why would anyone make this a pis**ing contest?

First we have J. William Gibson, father of Zachariah Gibson born 1795 in Russell County, Virginia. In 1790 Ezekiel Gibson was living in Wilkes Co., N.C., and in 1795 he joined the Kentucky Militia, although he is found back in Wilkes in 1800.

If William is in Russell County, Va, tax list from around 1794 until at least 1810  and Ezekiel is in Wilkes Co., NC then to Floyd Co., Ky., and this Ezekiel and William are SUPPOSED to be sons of  Valentine Gibson who is still living in Stokes County, NC  then who is William and Ezekiel Gibson found on the Stokes County census and land records with Valentine?

1800 Stokes County Census


Clearly William and Ezekiel Gibson in Stokes Co, North Carolina in 1800 with Valentine Gibson cannot be the same Ezekiel and William Gibson found in the Wilkes Co., N.C., Russell Co., Va., and the Pike and Floyd County, Ky., from 1790 -1820.

These two land records of Valentine, Ezekiel and William between 1804 and 1807 further strengthen the fact they are the sons of Valentine Gibson. To suppose  they were moving back and forth between these North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky counties from 1790-1810 and are the same two men in all these records is preposterous.

This indenture made the 17th day of Oct 1804 between VALENTINE GIBSON of County of Stokes of the one part and WILLIAM GIBSON of same county and state of the other part …. a tract of land where I now live and bounded as follows; Beginning at a stake on the dividing line between him and his BROTHER EZEKIEL —

This indenture made 3rd day of Oct 1807 between EZEKIEL GIBSON of Stokes County State of NC of one part and John N Brown of the same county and state of the other part….. Land on Little Yadkin beg at white oak of south side of the Middle Fork of the the Little yadkin that heads at the Quaker Gap, then ……. being ONE HALF of 200 acres granted by the state to William Boyles including a part of the PLANTATION WHEREON VALENTINE GIBSON last lived.

I believe the above information should establish the fact that Valentine Gibson of Stokes County was NOT the ancestor of J William Gibson who married Frances Roes/Rose/Ross and Elizabeth Swinney OR Ezekiel Gibson who married Rachel Terry and died in Floyd County, Ky., in 1828.

The confusion seems to stem from not only the ‘same name syndrome’ but also because Ezekiel Gibson of Stokes Co., North Carolina, descendant of Valentine Gibson moved to Scott County, Virginia, by 1820.


Here we have Ezekiel who left Stokes Co., North Carolina with his family of 7 – Ezekiel with a family of 2 is the son of Archibald Gibson and Ezekiel in Floyd County with a family of 12 is husband of Rachel Terry. Again, clearly showing two different Ezekiel Gibsons. Ezekiel Gibson of Floyd County died before 1828 when marriage record show his widow, Rachel Gibson remarried. As he was deceased by 1828 when this marriage took place he cannot be the same Ezekiel Gibson in Scott County., Va., 1830 census.


Ezekiel Gibson in Scott County, Va, 1830 is last found in tax records of Morgan County, Kentucky in the mid 1830s. There is circumstantial evidence he is the father of William K. Gibson born 1814 in North Carolina, married in 1835 Scott County, Virginia and died in Morgan County, Kentucky.  This circumstantial evidence is backed up by both Y DNA and autosomal as well.  William K. Gibson’s DNA matches John Gibson, Revolutionary Soldier, died 1839 in Cumberland Co., Kentucky and also Garrett Gibson, son of James and Sarah Roark Gibson, son of Valentine. They are Haplogroup I which means they are NOT related to the Melungeon Gibsons who are Haplogroup R. I have done the autosomal test at three companies and as a descendant of Valentine Gibson I do not match one Melungeon Gibson line, not even a 5th-8th cousin, but that is a different story for a different blog.

There is only one reason I felt a need to write this, not to have the last say or because I have a need to be right all the time and I resent that implication.  I have been working on this Gibson family since 1987, over 25 years I have built a family tree and have tried not to ‘merge’ trees from ancestry with no sources, documentation, etc.  I have spent probably thousands of dollars and time researching these familes.

The only good family trees are ‘documented trees’ and I would never want to share a tree rife with errors for others to copy and paste, somehow it just seems so wrong.  Next time you see Valentine’s wife was Frances Garrett look for a source.  The only source for Valentine’s wife is a deed which names her as Elizabeth.  Valentine is mentioned in his father’s will 1734 in Hanover Co., Va.  There is no proof what his mother’s name was, not Mary Allen, not Mary.  Thomas Gibson’s father was NOT Nicholas Gibson because Nicholas Gibson’s land that he inherited from his father, Thomas Gibson, went back ‘to the crown’ — it was escheated — which meant Nicholas Gibson died without heirs, the land was bought by Nicholas’ uncle, William Blackley who had married his father’s sister Margaret.

This is edited to correct the above.  Since writing this I have found that Nicholas’ father’s land did escheat but it is likely because it was purchased from one John Broach who died around the same time as Thomas Gibson. Most or all of his lands that he had sold were ‘escheated and went back to the crown’ because John Broach was born in France and therefore was considered an ‘alien.’

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2 Responses to Valentine Gibson

  1. M Miller says:

    I recently joined and found information about Valentine Gibson as above. My link to “Valentine Gibson of Stokes County, North Carolina” is his daughter Hannah born 1764 who married Samuel Jackson. I can prove up to their son William Jackson of Mercer County, Illinois and I am think I have proof of the connection to Valentine Gibson and Samuel Jackson. After reading your information, I put it with my info and holding for reference only until I can find any proof. I am not a professional at my genealogy, but have been compiling information for several years now and always try to have documentation. I noticed many of the Gibson’s trees were not sourced. If you have any information on disproving Hannah, I would appreciate knowing–I have corrected Valentine’s wife and stopping my line at his father, Thomas.

    Would appreciate any information. Thank you. I do not wish to have information that is totally wrong.

    • Hello, so sorry I misses this resonse, I may have read it at the time but a week before Christmas, had out of town family staying with me, had shoulder surgery then in early January. Anyway I would like to examine Hannah and if she is Valentine’s daughter, I believe she is but still have a little doubt. … my email is

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