Two Thomas Gibsons & Richard Wilburn

Two Thomas Gibsons & Richard Wilburn

There has been much todo about Thomas Gibson and if he was brother to Valentine Gibson. There are no documents, no  evidence whatsoever, linking Thomas Gibson of Orange County, North Carolina to Valentine Gibson.  They both lived in New Kent/Hanover, County Virginia, but that is it.  Their DNA does not match. I am convinced that Thomas Gibson of Louisa County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina is related to George Gibson, brother of Gilbert Gibson of Louisa County.  

Below is ‘circumstantial evidence’ that I believes proves this, and while it is ‘circumstantial evidence’ it it more than what evidence there is he is “Valentine’s brother” which is nothing more than they lived in the same county, maybe. 

This is a post made by Bill Childs at Saponi Town;

11-07-2003, 02:40 PM #4 Bill Childs Moderator
“The Thomas Gibson (alias Wilburn), noted in the article at that URL, is the half brother of one of my g g g g g g grandfathers, Richard Wilburn. There’s another 1740’s court doc listing both of them together – somewhere here in this pile.”

I have not had time to research this yet, but from the records it appears that Thomas Gibson and Richard Wilburn appear in Louisa County at the same time. Richard Wiburn, according to other researchers, is thought to have came from Lancaster Co., Virginia around 1743 to Louisa/Goochland and lived on Lickinghole Creek, I believe Gilbert Gibson Sr., or his descendants also had land on Lickinghole Creek. The first mention of Richard Wilurn in Louisa is in 1743:

  • Sept. 12, 1743: In an action of trespass: Philip Roots (plaintiff) v. Richard Wilburn (defendant); it is ordered the action be dismissed (Court Order, p. 78)
  • Oct 10, 1743: Anne Johnson, Love Statham. And James Watson and Peter Curry petition for a road to be cleared called Christmas Road in this county (Louisa); Love Statham is appointed overseer and all the laboring males tithable belonging to Love Statham, Anne Johnson, and Richard Wilburn are allotted to assist in clearing the road and keeping it in repair. (Court Order, p. 80)

Thomas Gibson died in 1734 [father of Valentine, etc.,] there are no other records, after the will, of Thomas Gibson between 1734 and 1743 in Louisa County, that I have been able to find.

  • 1743-4 A Merchant’s Account Book: Hanover County, 1743-44
    Michael Gowing Jr. David Gowing, Edward Gowing, Michael Gowing Sr., Thomas Gibson, Gilbert Gibson -Magazine of Virginia History
  • 1743  Saint Fredrick’s Parish Register (Published) Procession Gilbert Gibson, Thomas Gibson and 200 acres for Thomas Collings. (Louisa County, Virginia)

Shortly after Gibby Gibson died in Charles City County [father of Gilbert and George] his son Edward died also. Edward only left two daughters but gave his tools to one Israel Brown. This Israel Brown is closely associated with the GOODMAN family of New Kent/Louisa who went to Flat Rock Creek and are found as neighbors of Israel Brown.

  • 1745 Charles City County – Captain Samuel Harwood posted 20 pounds security for good behavior of George Gibson for a year. In February 1745/6 he, William Witherspoon, and John Atkinson provided a total of 80 pounds security for his good behavior, and he and his son Randolph Gibson and his wife Elizabeth posted bond of 20 pounds each for the good behavior of Randolph and Elizabeth.
  • 1745 Charles City County – Phillis Goeing (Gowen) petitioned George Gibson concerning her children, but he failed to answer the petition so the court ordered the churchwardens to bind them out. [Was he in Louisa County?]
  • 1745 May 28, – Louisa Co. VA “Ordered that William Hall, Samuel Collins, Thomas Collins, William Collins, Samuel Bunch, George Gibson, Benjamin Branham, Thomas Gibson, and William Donathan be summoned to appear at the next Court to answer the presentment of the Grand jury this day made against them for concealing tithables within twelve months past.”

In 1744 Phobe Jones wife/widow of Richard Jones, along with her son Gibson Jones, of Lancaster Co., Va., was living with or near Gilbert Gibson per deposition of William Denton, court records from Louisa Co., Va., and deposition of Gibson Jones. The Jones family appear to have came from Lancster County to Louisa around 1743. Phoebe _____ Jones married to Gilbert Gibson Jr., — Phoebe named her son GIBSON JONES – was Phoebe a Gibson from Lancaster County?

  • Book: A, Page: 372, Grantor: Thomas Gibson (Alias Wilburn) and Mary, his wife, Grantee: Thomas Moreman, Date: 08-Aug-1749
  • Thomas Gibson (Alias Wilburn) and Mary, his wife to Thomas Moreman, both of Louisa co., Fredericksville Par, #100 currt. money. 134 acres on south fork of Pamunkey in Fredericksville Par….line of James Johnson and Francis Smithson and Thomas Moreman and George Holland and Gilbert Gibson. Sig. Thomas Gibson (T), Mary Gibson (+) Wit. James Lasley, Fr. Smithson, James Buchanan, George Holland

Is it possible that Thomas Gibson Jr., whose father died in 1734 married to Mary, was a neighbor of Gilbert Gibson, went by ‘alias Wilbourn’ and moved to Orange Co., North Carolina? I suppose it would be possible Thomas Gibson Sr., married a second wife who was pregnant with Valentine Gibson so the baby wasn’t Thomas’ – I guess that may have happened. Or Thomas Jr., was the ‘bastard child’ that Thomas Sr., was raising in 1695. That would be pretty weird though if Thomas Gibson ‘just happened’ to be raising a bastard child that belonged to a different set of Gibsons. 

There were a number of Gibson families in Colonial Virginia, the ones we seem to be dealing with were from Charles City County and also York County.

The Thomas Gibson of York County lived on Queen’s Creek and is associated with the Utie, Bouth, Ware, and Garrett families. The Gibsons of Charles City County are associated with the Lightfoot, Bird, Harrison, Chavis, etc., families. The Ware, Valentine and Garrett families are related back to Leicestershire, England. All of the above families were living in the part of York that became ‘New Kent County’ — Peter Ware married Jane Valentine in England, their daughter married to John Garrett in England. There is no doubt of the association of Thomas Gibson of Queen’s Creek, York County, father of Nicholas, to the Ware, Valentine, Garretts;

  • 1646 – 4 Sep – Peter Ware and Thomas Gibson inventory estate of John Davis, Sr. of Queen’s Creek, York Co., VA, estate totaled 3066 lbs. Tobacco. (Beverly Fleet, VA. Colonial Abstract 25, York Co. Page. 19)

There were many intermarriages and sharing of given names, Nicholas, Valentine, Garrett etc., between these families. Are there any given names of Valentine, Garrett, Nicholas, etc., in the Thomas Gibson lines of Orange County, North Carolina? Were there any George, Joel, Major, Isaac, Isom etc., names in Valentine’s line. The answer is no.

There are over 800 trees at that show  Ezekiel Gibson who died in 1828 Floyd County, Kentucky, FATHER: Valentine Gibson.  This is not the correct lineage as shown in a previous blog. Ezekiel, son of Valentine Gibson did not leave Stokes County til after 1810 and is living in Scott Co., Virginia in 1830, TWO YEARS after the other Ezekiel was reported to be deceased.  That means if just half of these people with the wrong paper trail submitted their Autosomal DNA there are over 400 people who actually match the Melungeon Gibsons but trace their ancestor incorrectly to Valentine Gibson.  

Bottom line is READER BEWARE — if someone tells you the Floyd County Gibson families are descended from Valentine, ask for proof, something besides DNA submitted by researchers who have traced their Ezekiel to the wrong family. 

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